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A rural-urban comparative study in Tanzania

The “triple burden of malnutrition”, meaning the coexistence of undernutrition, overweight and obesity and micronutrient deficiencies, is a growing challenge in sub-Saharan Africa. Nutrition transition refers to changes in lifestyle and dietary patterns driven by ongoing urbanization, globalization and economic growth and is rapidly taking place in some developing countries. However, poor households particularly in rural areas still consume mainly grain- and tuber dominated diets that are lacking in micronutrients due to low accessibility and affordability of nutrient-dense foods.

Combating all forms of malnutrition is a major public health challenge in Tanzania and will be addressed by the FoCo-Active project according to the following outline:

The interdisciplinary research project FoCo-Active applies an innovative approach and will simultaneously address food and physical activity environments, diets, consumer behaviour and physical activity levels/sedentary behaviour in urban and rural settings in Tanzania.

FoCo-Active will identify health related gaps fostering the triple burden challenge and will design and implement a tailored intervention program including:

Demonstration plots/trainings for simple low cost innovations to strengthen production and post-harvest treatments of nutrient-dense plant foods for an improved food environment.

Market options for healthy and nutrient-dense (plant) foods.

Improved options and space for physical activity.

A health literacy program including specific communication tools.

Finally, impacts of interventions will be evaluated and tailored guidelines will be developed and disseminated.

Improving health, food and physical activity competences have the potential to tackle the triple burden of malnutrition.


Project duration:

15. July 2022 — 30. September 2025

Our partners

Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (Müncheberg, Germany)

German Sport University Cologne
(Köln, Germany)

Sokoine University of Agriculture (Morogoro, Tanzania)

University of Dar es Salaam

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